5812 Link Avenue

Set in a neighborhood built in the 1950s, this addition/remodel is a good example of combining new construction with old while respecting the surroundings. The design of the house stays true to the neighborhood and concepts of green building. This project combines new technology with correct orientation of the house and a harmonious integration of sustainable features into the living spaces. The original house remains intact, updated to blend into the project, when it could easily have been demolished. This was a key sustainable choice.


  • Insulated concrete form wall system (RASTRA (r) )
  • 1.8 kilowatt PV system
  • Galvalume standing-seam metal roof
  • Large overhangs and minimal west-facing glazing for good daylighting and cooling breezes
  • All EnergyStar appliances and fluorescent light fixtures reduce internal heat loads
  • Heating and cooling equipment and ductwork located within thermal envelope
  • Reclaimed lumber from demolition of portion of existing house used for trim and miscellaneous framing
  • No-VOC paints, velvet oil for all wood surfaces, Bio-Based spray insulation, and stained concrete floors for good indoor air quality
five star rating