No two projects are the same, but any successful project must begin with a careful and complete evaluation of the situation. It is important to understand the location, the needs of the client, the business requirements, the budget, the personal wants, the key players, the timeline and any other contributing factors. Listening and understanding are always key. From there begins the development of a unique solution to the project.

Technical Capabilities and Architectural Services

Smith’s services include the design and documentation of your project in compliance with building code requirements, permitting, bidding, and support during construction. Having completed over a half-million square feet in projects with a value in excess of $500 million in four countries and five states, Smith brings his expertise to each step of your project.

Building System Failure Review

Finding water on the floor isn’t always due to a simple hole in the ceiling or roof. It often points to a failure caused by a complex, flawed situation. Understanding why a system fails within a building is the first step in fixing it. Smith has the technical background and experience to both understand these flaws and failures and recommend the best course of action to successfully resolve the issue.

Architectural Programming

This is the research and decision-making phase of architecture. During it, Smith reviews information and data so that he can present a carefully constructed scope of work for your project based on knowledge and experience.

Change Management

As your company evolves, so do your workspace needs. Smith has helped many businesses strategically plan their shifts to new spaces, helping them achieve smooth, successful transitions by avoiding the hurdles change sometimes brings.

Client Coordination + Team Management

The integrity of your project relies on a professional approach rooted in experience and ingenuity. Smith focuses on the facts and issues of a project — not the personalities — to ensure the appropriate solutions are implemented and aren’t sidetracked by positions based on fear or emotion.

Project Management

Whether as Project Manager, Internal Team Leader, Owner’s Representative, or Construction Manager, Smith leads your project to a successful conclusion. Every project entails a whole cast of partners: architects, engineers, a municipality or government, real estate brokers, construction teams, interior designers, the fire department, and occasionally a security team. Smith expertly facilitates communication between all essential parties, working to secure bids, keep tabs on the budget, track the timeline, and monitor payments. He acts as the common thread through your entire project, ensuring everything stays on track.

As an accomplished Owner’s Representative, Smith’s critical eye can identify potential problems before the first shovel hits the dirt. His comprehensive experience provides a platform for managing some of the softer issues of a project as well, such as maintaining brand integrity, fostering employee involvement, and managing change.

Strategic Planning

Smith utilizes his wealth of experience to develop a plan based on your objectives, keeping a solid eye on your wants and needs. Then he follows through on that plan with professional execution, reviewing and revising as necessary throughout the process to ensure the unexpected doesn’t get in the way of success.

Construction Management

Smith provides regular on-site oversight and documentation of every stage of construction, reporting on project status and tracking against his timeline. The quality of work is constantly observed in compliance with owner, Architect and contract documents, and Smith coordinates with vendors and contractors while staying in communication with you.

Owner’s Construction Representative

Usually the Project Manager is tied to the Broker, Contractor, Landlord, or Tenant. Smith is your independent representative. He has no conflict of interest with other parties involved in the project, so his only focus is the success of your project.

Sustainable Design

While it’s no longer considered a niche practice, Smith has been practicing green building for close to 20 years. From understanding how best to use passive solar on the site to choosing materials and systems to reduce energy consumption and waste, Smith puts it all into practice for your project.

Commercial Architecture

Having worked on numerous commercial architecture projects, Smith brings an extensive base of knowledge to your project. He remains acutely aware of your business needs as well as enhancements that can add value, and he’ll always take time to work through those plans with you to ensure they meet your goals not just today, but also tomorrow.

Adaptive Reuse

There is an art to refitting an old space to meet new needs. Knowing what’s important to keep and what needs to go requires a firm knowledge of building science as well as the vision to uncover new solutions. Smith brings both to your project every day.

Laboratory Design

Planning and maximizing laboratory space for research or testing is an art informed by your specific needs and a knowledge of how people work. Thanks to a proven background in this area of design, Smith knows the right questions to ask, the right materials to use and the right solutions to meet your goals.


Sometimes a space that’s worked for a long time just doesn’t work anymore, but that doesn’t mean it can’t again. It’s a process that includes a cooperative evaluation of what’s changed, what hasn’t, and what should, all leading to making your existing space meet your current and future needs.

ADA Remodel

This unique form of renovation requires both familiarity with local codes and requirements and an understanding of how a space needs to function for the people using it. Smith digs in, does the research, and creates thoughtful solutions that transform your space into one that meets your needs as well as compliance standards.

Institutional Architectural Design

Institutional design requires a careful consideration of the unique function of each individual project. It’s important to consider not only regulatory and usage requirements, but also aesthetics and community impact. Smith puts his history with public structures to work helping your institution manage its projects while providing architectural solutions that meet your particular needs.

Smith’s experience with project management and involvement in varied commercial projects adds a greater depth of understanding to whatever unique situation you face. This is where his background in architecture and strong history of project management come together to really make a difference. He works with all the different departments and committees that are part of your institution to find the best solutions and keep your project on track.

Residential Architectural Design

Creating living spaces that match both your wants and your needs is a process that requires depth of experience. Smith has a proven track record of providing homes people love to live in. Whether you’re just renovating a portion of your existing home or starting from scratch, he knows how to balance your everyday needs with the little extras that make every day better.